You tell me youtuber. I make fan fic of them in FNAF.

Aphmau/Markiplier/Jacksepticeye/TDM Edit

Night 1: "WHAT THE F-mph" Markiplier tried to say. "NO SWEARING KIDS COULD BE READING!"Aphmau screamed. "WAIT! Did you just break the 4th wall?" Jacksepyticeye questioned. "No time for that, we need to survive" TDM stated, closing the door to stop bonnie getting in. ---time skip to 5 am--- They ran out of power, mainly because of Aphmau trying to get onto Netflix, then freddy started playing his jingle. They all screamed, but then Markiplier threw a chair at freddy right before the bell chimed. Not to say everyone laughed their heads off when freddy's nose booped.